TezoSteam token is a smart contract that lets you join TezoSteam in the baking process, not only as delegator!

The token tracks every transaction sent to the pool (or requested from the pool) so that we can pay you 2 different rewards:

  1. The staking reward, the one you are currently receiving also as delegator – BUT with 0% fee!
  2. The baking reward – as soon as we use the tokens in the bond pool, you will receive half of the net rewards for the baking cycle


  1. Send desired amount of tezzies to invest from your tz1/2/3 or kt1 address to the BUY Adapter
  2. Automatically receive a token amount equal to the number of invested tezzies
  3. Relax and wait for your earnings


  1. Send a 0 (zero) tx from your wallet (same used for the buy operation) to the SELL Adapter
  2. Your request is registered by the Token Contract
  3. Your tezzies are automatically sent back to your wallet after 5 full cycles
  4. Your TST Tokens become available for purchase by other investors

Delegating vs Bond Pool

Gross Reward 8,50% 8,50%
Fee % 14% 0
Net staking 7,31% 8,50%
Bond % 0,00% 3,60%
Total Return 7,31% 12,10%
Per Cycle 0,0585% 0,0968% Increase
Compounded 7,58% 12,86% 70%


Important notice: The current estimate may be different if a different amount of tezzies baking worldwide. 70% is the current estimate with about 48000 rolls; will become even larger if the amount increases.

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Important: please consider that TezoSteam token is just used as an accounting measure. It doesn’t generate any automatic payment procedure

If you think that TezoSteam Token isn’t legal in your jurisdiction, don’t buy it. You are solely responsible of any action related to this smart contract

How to invest?

How to buy:

  1. Launch Tezbox
  2. Insert the BUY adapter
  3. Put the amount of TezoSteam Tokens you want to buy (min 500)
  4. Select Custom fee and put at least 40000
  5. Show advanced options
  6. Gas limit, put at least 350000

How to sell:

  1. Launch Tezbox
  2. Insert the SELL adapter
  3. Put “0” in the Amount
  4. Select Custom fee and put at least 40000
  5. Show advanced options
  6. Gas limit, put at least 350000



Token Details

  • Max Supply = 300,000 TST
  • Fixed exchange rate: 1 TST = 1 Tezos
  • Held Supply = Total purchased tokens
  • Available Supply = Total tokens available for purchase
  • Not tradable / Not trasferable
  • All the token data are public and can be freely consulted (in a comprehensible form) through the contract’s address on tzscan (section “code” -> “storage”)


Main Token

Buy Adapter

Sell Adapter

The token’s buy and sell adapters allow you to easily use your favorite client (linux tezos client, tezbox and soon galleon)


What are the differences between delegating and buying TezoSteam Token?

As a delegator, you get the normal staking reward that is paid once per cycle (after 12 cycles – please read our FAQs).

As a Token holder, not only you get that reward without paying any fee, but we’ll use your coins to bake more blocks – and we split the revenues with you!

How large is the difference?

As you can see from HERE  the net revenues are way bigger than what you’d get as delegator

How do I buy?

Please follow these instructions. As soon as we receive you tezzies, you are part of the pool!

How do I get my rewards?

They are paid straight to the account that holds the token

I want to sell my tokens back

No problem. Just follow these instructions. We’ll put your tezzies “on hold” for 5 full cycles and then send them back. So, if you send the request during cycle 100, you will receive them in the beginning of cycle 106.

Why I have to wait?

Because we are using them, and they are frozen by the chain! Therefore the process requests the unlocking, that will be operated after the 5 cycles period.

What about my rewards in the meantime?

You will keep receiving them, but that’s even better. You will also receive any staking or baking reward that is frozen, even if you sell all your TezoSteam Tokens. They are just to account who is joining the bond!

How much does a TezoSteam token cost?

It’s just a way to account, therefore a tokens costs (and will cost) exactly 1 tezos. Please notice that there might be some fees taken in order to execute the smart contract, so leave some tezzies in the balance!

Is it safe?

You have to trust us; the process of re-sending the tokens is manual, exactly as the reward payment as delegator

How many TezoSteam tokens can I buy?

The min amount is 500 tokens. The maximum is shown as balance here; we’ll provide an updated interface soon. If you plan to buy at least 40000 tokens, please send a mail at info@tezosteam.com or contact us on telegram. We’ll give you dedicated assistance and priority

Where Can i see how many tokens I Hold?

Soon a Dashboard will be available. In the meantime you can check the raw transaction on Tzscan under the tab “storage”. You will find your address and the number of tokens epxpressed in millionth. We know it’s not very friendly – Dashboard will come soon!